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Edgar Mar 08, 2017 903 views

What does it take to become a professional soccer player ?

I am asking this because its my favorite sport and is something that me and my dad have done for many years so i can become better and succeed later on when trying to go to professional soccer. #manager #coach #soccerplayer

Sreedevi’s Avatar
Sreedevi Mar 01, 2017 675 views

Im currently a justice studies student taking border security program at college

I'm planning to do further studies after this program. I wanted to take bachelor's in criminology. I would like to kknow what all job opportunities are available ? #criminal-justice #criminal

Gaby’s Avatar
Gaby Mar 08, 2017 631 views

what are some recomended collages for cosmotology?

I want to start a buissnes when i graduate and i want it to be a beauty salon and i wanna go to one of thebest recomended colloges. #beauty #beauty-industry

arnold’s Avatar
arnold May 05, 2017 1373 views

how much do certain professions pay?

I'm interested in learning about the pay difference between professions. #technology

isabella’s Avatar
isabella May 15, 2016 3482 views

What is it like having a job within the U.S. military as a public relations person?

I plan on joining the U.S. military, at the moment the U.S. Navy, to serve my country and gain my degree in communications. I plan on working in public relations but I am not sure what the military will expect me to do. Can any offer any advice? #communications #military #communication...

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 09, 2017 1351 views

What is the difference between PR and HR?

Was asked the question and didn't know the answer. #career-details

Liana’s Avatar
Liana Sep 05, 2016 2756 views

How can idealism and realism be combined to create a true visionary in entrepreneurship?

Visionaries are visionaries because they're crazy enough to believe that one day their idea will come true. Idealism and realism both play a role in becoming a visionary. Empathy and creativity also influence a visionary's actions. There are finders and makers. Finders are the idea people and...

jenna’s Avatar
jenna May 25, 2016 1069 views

What jobs do most communication majors pursue?

I am asking this question because I plan to pursue a communications degree #professor #communications #majors #communication

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Feb 17, 2017 823 views

What is the most exciting part of being a journalist?

I want to be a journalist. #journalist

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 04, 2017 1512 views

Should I do a summer abroad or a summer internship?

About to become a junior in college