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What jobs do most communication majors pursue?

I am asking this question because I plan to pursue a communications degree #professor #communications #majors #communication

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4 answers

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Archana’s Answer


In a country like the US, there are so many options in terms of jobs for a major in communication.

I am listing a few below -

Rank Job Title Most Common Major % Workers with Major Mid-Career Pay % High Job Meaning
1 Vice President (VP), Public Relations (PR) & Corporate Communications Communication 23% $140,000 N/A
2 Vice President (VP), Communications Journalism 22% $129,000 N/A
3 Vice President (VP), Public Relations Journalism & Mass Communication 19% $123,000 N/A
4 Account Director Communication 16% $107,000 24%
5 Executive Producer Communication 12% $104,000 N/A
6 Digital Strategist Communication 10% $99,800 26%
7 Senior Interactive Producer Communication 15% $99,500 N/A
8 Director of Public Relations (PR) Communication 30% $99,200 68%
9 Editorial Director Journalism 15% $98,900 N/A
10 Brand Strategist Communication 7% $98,200 N/A

There are obviously more options and the job you try for or aspire to do would also depend on what are your overall interst areas. However, I am sure this will give you some clarity on the subject.

All the best!

Archana Jain

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Monica Anderson’s Answer

Dear Jenna,

The beautiful answer to your question is that communication skills are a must in any role. However, specifically, comms majors tend to pursue comms roles. Currently, that has a digital slant to it so ensuring your chosen university has a robust digital communications strategy aspect to the program is very important.

My youngest daughter is majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). IMC has grown to be a popular way to major in communications as it combines business, marketing and communications into one major. By adding a minor in a language, organizational psychology or another specific field of study, you can increase the value you will bring to your employer.

Keep in mind that internal communications (strong on employee engagement) and external communications (more PR and working with media) are two very different career paths. Studying these and following a professional organization like PR Weekly may assist with your decisions.

Best of luck! Remember, every successful leader has a strong communications plan and delivery!

Monica Young

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Jenna!

You asked a very important question. Here is some insight into answers that might help:


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Gerard’s Answer

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