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What is the career path of a Logistics Analyst?

I am a 16 year old male who wants to become a Logistics Analyst.

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3 answers

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Molly’s Answer

There are many paths to this - and getting a degree is one of them. A quick internet search on qualifications for Logistics Analyst:
- Proficiency in computer databases, statistic applications and logistics programs
- 5 years of experience in the logistics industry or related industry
- Experience in data mining, analysis and reporting
- Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, relational databases and ERP systems (e.g. SAP)
- Familiarity with supply chain processes (e.g.inventory planning, warehouse management)...

Do some research on programs geared towards your goal. Find some mentors within the field to bounce questions off of - you never know if an internship at a company can yield you an advocate. Find a way to get some experience even if you're working on your degree at the same time. Make a plan, then work the plan. You can get there with some work and determination. Good luck!
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Anthony’s Answer

Please, note the following
concerning the career path of a
Logistics Analyst :-
1. Bachelor's degree in a field
related to logistics,
business management or
2. Master's degree.
3. Some certifications if you want
to go further.
4. Professional experience.

Best wishes to you.
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Thomas’s Answer

Logistics is an interesting field as it is trending towards automation. That said, I rely heavily on analysts (internal and external). Their assistance helps me make informed decisions and take action. To be honest, this can be an entry level role in logistics to a senior position. With time and effort come results. With results come progression and promotion. The fact that you are already engaged in this forum leads me to believe you have what it takes to be successful! Best wishes

Thomas recommends the following next steps:

Business or Logistics Degree