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What job title would I hold if I wanted to provide businesses with employee personality assessments?

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I'm wondering if jobs that help businesses with finding the best employees with personality assessments are psychology based jobs or a form of consulting? #career #psychology #jobs #consulting

2 answers

Jeremy’s Answer


This might be a job for a psychometrician.

Thank you Jeremy! I will look into this field. Mounia M.

Christine’s Answer

Hi Mounia,

My company recently provided me one of these tests as part of a leadership development experience. The test was called the Values Arrangement List, and the company that provides the test is Golden LLC. You could look into that company to see if you're able to identify any titles that are used by those professionals.

Additionally, there's a company called SOLVE Consulting, LLC that provides similar services. You can research them here: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/15260099/. The firm is pretty small, so I bet if you decide to reach out to one of the founders on LinkedIn they may be willing to speak with you about their professional experience and any other questions you may have that could help you narrow down what types of titles you may want to research.

Best of luck!