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If I want to be an entrepreneur, which major is good?

Updated Montreal, Quebec, Canada

finance, accounting, hr or management etc.? #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur

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Lev’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

an entrepreneur needs a good foundation in business, so definitely take some accounting classes. marketing seems like another useful area to be familiar with.

a big piece of entrepreneurship is bringing together a group of people to accomplish something. soft skills are key here. management, communications, psychology should be helpful.

as the world is becoming more and more driven by technology, majors like computer science & engineering can endow one with a very useful array of skills. integrating physics, biology, data or neuroscience has much promise

finally, consider what you really like or are curious about, that might lead you towards your major field of study

Julien’s Answer

Updated California, California

Hi Ena,

If there are any major in entrepreneurship that would be ideal. If not I would recommend looking into business school classes

Classes I have taken that I'd recommend - Project Management - Marketing - Accounting and Finance - Personal Selling

Also, if you're interested in entrepreneurship, I'd recommend following famous entrepreneurs or websites such as: Gary Vaynerchuk Entrepreneur.com Entrepreneurship label on medium AngelList

Hope that helps! Julien

thanks for your answer

Maurice’s Answer

Some entrepreneurs may advise against college all together, Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example of that. However, if I were aspiring to be an entrepreneur and wanted to pursue college, I'd highly recommend a business major with an emphasis in finance or marketing. HR is not built for entrepreneurs, but for policy regulators. Looking into BBA programs with a minor in Finance or Marketing. If you are looking to go past that, look into MBA Programs. Good Luck
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