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Jeevika S.’s Avatar
Jeevika S. Apr 28, 2016 994 views

How to speak in English ?

Hai ! I want to speak in English but I do know How to speak in English . Pls help me with any websites, courses, or any classes to Join to get fluency. teaching teacher professor student educator...


Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. May 10, 2016 1728 views

How does one get into the YouTube or Social Media Industry ?

What skills do you need and do you need a degree for this kind of industry? career tech social-media...


Anudari A.’s Avatar
Anudari A. May 12, 2016 789 views

What are your favorite blogs, websites and you tube accounts for career related advises?

Do you have a person or a website that you follow in order to better understand the major you're pursuing or the job you want? It can be anything from a film maker to a philosopher. Why did you choose them, and how do they offer good advise? I would like to know, what makes them a good adviser...

general social-media

Julia L.’s Avatar
Julia L. May 13, 2016 614 views

Is it better to choose a career path that is stable and well paying or to choose a path that is has a higher possibility of failure but also more reward?

I have the chance to enter a program where once completed, I am guaranteed a job with a six figure starting salary. However, it is not a job that I would be satisfied doing for the rest of my life. The job I actually want is riskier and requires a ton more effort and grit to acquire. Is it...

personal-development financial-planning

Salvin S.’s Avatar
Salvin S. May 22, 2016 1140 views

Is there any advice for someone who might want to be a Youtuber?

Ever since I came to America in 2004, I have been fascinated with the American way of life. Here people don't wait for their dream to happen, they make it happen on the spot. There are Youtubers who have been on YouTube since 2005, but these people never gave up. They kept making videos, and...

film college editing university technology tech video youtube

Javonte S.’s Avatar
Javonte S. May 24, 2016 872 views
Jose C.’s Avatar
Jose C. Jun 06, 2016 1906 views

What is the advantage of studying abroad?

The reason I ask this question is because I plan on studying abroad and I want to know if it will be worth it. travel...


Jerry L.’s Avatar
Jerry L. Jun 20, 2016 904 views

How do you ask your superiors for a day off to attend an event relating to your field?

I'm beginning as an intern in the tech industry soon, and TechInclusion is having a 2-day conference in NYC in about a week from today. Is it appropriate to ask my boss for a day off so I could attend the conference? If it is, how should I approach requesting such absences and would I expected...

management tech industry-related-events leaves-of-absence

Kelly G.’s Avatar
Kelly G. Jun 21, 2016 782 views

How much should I sacrifice for a new job?

I have a job I love at the moment and have been at the job for about 1.5 years. Without disclosing too much, things in the work place have changed and I am ready to find a new place of work. But my job right now is very flex with me and I have gotten the shift I wanted (8am-4:30pm...

Carmen H.’s Avatar
Carmen H. Jun 22, 2016 964 views

Academic achievements and real-life experience, which is more important?

I can probably say that I am good at academy, but I merely have real-life experience. Some of my friends always tell me that no matter how high GPA I have, without work experience, it is impossible to find a satisfied job after I graduate from college. However, I don't think so, and it doesn't...

professor recruiting employer counselor

Joshua C.’s Avatar
Joshua C. Jun 22, 2016 766 views

What should one do to remain active in their career and set an example for the coworkers?

Often times many people grow bored of their job and lose interest, due to their routine, however, it is important that we stay active. I was wondering what are certain things we can do to help our concentration and effort to improve. business management entrepreneurship manager...