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How does one get into the YouTube or Social Media Industry ?

What skills do you need and do you need a degree for this kind of industry? #career #tech #social-media #youtube

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6 answers

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Keith’s Answer

Alisha, that is a great question. Getting into the YouTube or Social Media industry does require some helpful tech-savvy knowledge, such as digital software design, computer knowledge, and information technology. Getting a degree would be very helpful in securing an entry into the social media industry. Depending on what you would like to do in the social media industry, you could major in Marketing, Computer Science/Engineering, Information Technology, Business, Marketing, Animation, etc. Another way of developing the skills would be to secure an internship with a social media company or a company that desires a stronger social media presence. You can help a company with their social media blog, Facebook and Twitter presence, or marketing videos.


Oh great that makes a lot of sense...thank you! Alisha S.

this answer help me thanks sir kaneez F.

i am hajira Hajira N.

its very useful to me thank you Hajira N.

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Jenny’s Answer

Hi Alisha!

Love that you are thinking about Social Media as an industry, because it's definitely evolving in every business. Social media as a concept is actually pretty easy to understand, but how you use social media changes over time. This is why I would pick an area of business that you are interested in, and see how social media can be integrated. For example, I teach/train employees at Dell on how to use Social Media. I teach them rules, benefits, and functionality. But my primary role is a trainer. I love to teach, and have built my career around teaching others. Social media can be infused in just about any career focus like:
* Law
* Governance
* Engineering
* Sales
* Customer Service
* Training

Really, any job you can think of can have a social media department, where you can help monitor conversations, answer questions for your company, or just help employees feel empowered to engage on social platforms. I encourage you to think of what you like to do most, and then see how you can use social media to enhance that experience. Hope that helps!

Thats so true...social media is everywhere! Thank you :) Alisha S.

thank you so much Hajira N.

your looking beautiful jenny and information its very useful to me thank you Hajira N.

Hi there, Alisha and Jenny. my name is David, who is an IT major. Although I consider myself an average social media user, I'm still interested in web development. Since high school, I have been eager to learn how various good websites are made, and how the internet works; also, I hope to develop a social site, like Gitter, in the future, for allowing students and adults to be more collaborative. To ensure my progress, I understand that It will take time to accomplish that goal, and will continue my research as I progress through my college years. Last, this question is for Jenny: what types of IT training do you offer, and which geographic locations are available (is there any in the Greater New York Area)? Thanks. David L.

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Andrea’s Answer

I'm not sure about social media but anyone can try their hand at being a youtuber. You just need a camera (maybe some editing tools) and a youtube account. If you have something interesting to talk about, try it out and see what happens.

Thanks! Actually starting out on YouTube is the scary part haha Alisha S.

its very useful to me thank you Hajira N.

its very useful to me thank you! Hajira N.

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Julien’s Answer

Hi there,

Just to add to what other members of the community have advised, here are a couple useful links:
- If you want to learn about Social Media, check out this cool article by Social Media Examiner Getting Started With Social Media: A Resource Guide
- If you want to learn about YouTube check out the Youtube creator hub where you'll find tons of resources to get started.

Hope that will help!


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Karine’s Answer

Well it is first a passion going on forums, twit, linked In, facebook, subscribe or like forums that is of interest to you and answer questions, debate post a lot BUT BE MEANIFULL, share advices .... then getting social media certified is a must ! good luck !

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Malay’s Answer

You can get SMAC certified. SMAC is Social, Mobile,Analytics and Cloud.
These certifications will get you a good insight and value.
See example: