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kaneez May 20, 2016 1084 views

i m interested in computer so i want to study computer engineering but i dont no about computer engineer subjects please tell me

to become computer engineer

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kaneez May 19, 2016 738 views

i want to concentrate on my telgu subject so what should i do

for passing 10th

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kaneez May 18, 2016 681 views

what is different between the time we spend in studing n the time to spending to play

play time lead us to make a star, study lead us to a sufficiet job

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kaneez May 17, 2016 869 views

I'm a 10th class student and have trouble concentrating on my studies, what should I do?

For passing 10th #2

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kaneez May 16, 2016 881 views

i m intersted in computer but i m also interested in science i m confuse in both what i do

after complete school then choosing the study

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kaneez May 14, 2016 657 views

what i do in my ciass 10th to improve my mathematics subject

to paas in ssc

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kaneez May 13, 2016 1003 views

now i m joining 10 class how i start my studies

to starting my 10th ciass study

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kaneez May 11, 2016 705 views

what can i do become a biology teacher

in my life

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kaneez May 06, 2016 885 views

In the future, what is the value of Nutrition Studies?

After I complete school I'm choosing studies. #nutrition #career #college #career-counseling #food

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kaneez May 03, 2016 1163 views

How do I pursue and refine my interest in science?

I'm interested in science and would love to know what classes I should take in high school to identify my specific subject of interest

#science #education #school #career #career-counseling

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kaneez May 02, 2016 664 views

I am 9th class student, my interested is in Science how can i persue my career

to select my studies after school