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In the future, what is the value of Nutrition Studies?

After I complete school I'm choosing studies. #nutrition #career #college #career-counseling #food

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2 answers

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Rosie’s Answer


To clarify your question, I think what you are asking is what you can do with a degree in nutrition or dietary?
There are numerous health care positions you can hold with a nutrition degree not to mention food science jobs as well. The skies the limit! Check out Sodexo healthcare and University of Florida for dietary degrees!
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Elizabeth’s Answer

I started my career in food labeling and have now shifted into animal food labeling, in both areas I have found having a food science/nutrition background very helpful, it has helped me understand what appears on our labels and why it also helps bridge a level of understanding when I am working with animal nutritionists. There are a lot of business areas not well known that benefit from an understanding of nutrition, like formulators or ingredient quality specialists.