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Game-Designing colleges anywhere in the U.S.

I'm trying to find good colleges for Game-Designing for after I finish my education in high-school does anyone have good suggestions.

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2 answers

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John’s Answer

Princeton Review has a great list of top rated Game Design programs that is probably worth looking at:

Keep in mind that the curriculum in many of these programs differ. Schools can put different emphasis on things like engineering, art, and design in their programs, as well as the engines, tools, and programming languages that they tend to focus on. You'll want to do some research on the programs that seem like they interest you the most to find out which one is going to be the best fit for you!

I'm a bit biased as I am a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology game design program, but I've worked with (and hired) grads from many of these programs. It matters less which program you chose, and more how much of yourself you put into it!
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Ancilla’s Answer

I have several good recommendations colleges that have a game-design program in the United States.

First option is Full Sail University. Full Sail University is an award-winning educational leader for those pursuing careers in entertainment, media, arts, gaming and emerging technology. Founded in 1979, Full Sail offers Master, Bachelor, and Associate campus and online degree programs in various facets of the video game industry. Full Sail is home to 78,900+ graduates, and at The Game Awards in 2020, over 250 alumni were credited on 36 projects across 22 categories on titles including: Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, DOOM Eternal, The Last of Us Part II, and many more. Full Sail was named one of the Top Game Design Schools 2020 by The Princeton Review for its undergraduate and graduate gaming degree programs. Full Sail's degree programs suit the growing needs of developers, animators, writers, and designers alike. In addition to these notable gaming awards, students and graduates have participated in nationally recognized competitions. For example, in 2020, students, faculty, and graduates participated in the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) Iron Dev competition, where they collaborated with Advent Health University to create a technology solution prototype that could aid hospitals in COVID-19 response readiness. The team went home as winners of the title “Most Innovative Solution.”
If you are interested with their program, you can visit their link: for further information.

Second option is game design and development program in University Of Silicon Valley.
University of Silicon Valley's has unique ability to combine specializations better demonstrated than in our school's Game Design & Development Department. They ranked No. 13 in the nation by The Princeton Review. This department offers two university degrees in distinct areas of game design and development. The Bachelor of Art in Game Art is for those primarily interested in the creative side of game development and the Bachelor of Science in Game Engineering for those interested in focusing on technical development of games. All of our game design and development program students get hands-on experience working collaboratively in classes that simulate an actual game development team.
If you are interested with their program, you can visit this link for further information.

Third option is Academy of Art University.
They are offering online courses programs. It is the video game design school run by video game design professionals. As a student in the School of Game Development, you’ll experience the entire game production cycle—from creating concept art and UI & UX for games, to coding for artificial intelligence (non-player character behavior) and virtual reality gaming experiences. Develop specialized skills that prepare you for cutting-edge careers in one of the most vibrant, multifaceted, and expansive industries ever. Their instructors don’t just teach you about the gaming industry, they are the gaming industry. You can see their student works examples on their game development program by visit this link:

My last option is Ringling College of Art+Design
They are receiving award as the best design game school ranked #3 in the world.
Recognized as a top gaming school in the world, their Game Art major equips students with the skill sets needed for a durable and diverse career in the games industry. Perfect your artistic techniques, study the mechanics of game design and interactivity, and build your own worlds. Master leading software used by pros while learning textures, lighting, player options, and engagement. They believe in hyper marketability, preparing students with top-rate portfolios and understand the values that game studios are looking for in the most elite of candidates. With alumni working in the world’s most renowned studios, the Game Art major brings in top recruiters including Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Epic Games, and Bungie. Students can also work in other industries using real-time visualization such as architecture, film, and more.
Ringling College's promise to provide every student the opportunity to have hands-on industry experience before graduation by offering real-world projects with real-world clients. This pillar of the Ringling College experience, alongside Academic and Student Life programs, is an experiential education initiative that allows students to learn how to turn passion into profession.
INDEX represents one of Ringling College's core purposes of focusing on our students' futures in the creative industries and empowering them to thrive as creative leaders. By connecting students with leading brands and clients to develop creative solutions for business challenges, INDEX mirrors the most successful studios and organizations by bringing together multiple creative disciplines to blend artistry with emerging techniques, and to seamlessly integrate design, storytelling, and technology to produce work that is driven by strategy and supported by style.
INDEX opportunities are abundant and available through experiential learning in the classroom, the Design Center, Studio Labs, ART Network, the Makerspace, as client competitions and immersive experiences, volunteerism, internships, and elective courses.
You can see their students works examples of game design by visiting their link:

I hope these helps!