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What do I major in if I want to stay with sports?

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4 answers

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Jesennia’s Answer

Hello Nicholas,
My name is Jesennia Bonilla. I'm currently a semi-professional player in volleyball and I also played in college.

First, you have to ask yourself what portion of sport you like the most?
1. Physical (Physical therapist, rehabilitation services, personal trainer, Sports Medicine, coaching...)
2. Mindset (Sport psychology, counselor, sports advisor....)
3. Management (Sport Management, Business...)
4. Social (Recruiting, public relations, communication...)

There are also other divisions, but that is the first step in what part of the sport you like the most. Then, based on that you can choose your major, and also, some advice from me will be to do a minor in something related. For example, major in sports management with a minor in public relations or business. That will be amazing to boost your knowledge and career. It's very important to have a strong network, I will recommend LinkedIn and other platforms where you can meet people with similar interests to you. As well, there is a lot of conferences that student could participate that are related to sports to meet and understand better the career within sports.
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Mamadou’s Answer

15 majors involving sports
1. Exercise science
- Athletic trainer
- Personal trainer
- Fitness coach
- Fitness instructor
- Physical education teacher
- Athlete scout
- Sports director

2. Exercise physiology
- Exercise physiologist
- Physical therapy assistant
- Strength and conditioning coach
- Personal training
- Rehabilitation specialist

3. Athletic training
- Middle school athletic trainer
- High school athletic trainer
- College athletic trainer
- Recreational athletic trainer
- Sports team athletic trainer
- Sports league athletic trainer

4. Physical therapy
- Physical therapist (with doctorate)
- Sports physical therapist (with doctorate)
- College or university sports physical therapist (with doctorate)
- Physical therapy assistant
- Athletic trainer

5. Sports communication
- Public relations specialist for sports teams or athletes
- Sports league broadcasting announcer
- Sports TV host
- Sports radio show host
- Sports writer
- Sporting event photographer
- Sports marketing specialist

6. Sports management
- Sports team manager
- Athletic director
- Sports agent
- Sports recruiter
- Sports complex manager
- Sports facilities manager

7. Sports and fitness administration
- Sports game scheduler
- Sporting event planner
- Sports facility manager
- Athletic director
- Sports facility marketing specialist

8. Sports studies
- Sports data researcher
- Sports statistician
- Sports professor
- Sports communication specialist
- Sports marketing specialist
- Sports public relations coordinator

9. Physical education
- Elementary school PE teacher
- Middle school PE teacher
- High school PE teacher
- School sports team coach
- Recreational sports team coach

10. Health sciences
- Physical therapist (upon completion of a physical therapy doctorate)
- Fitness instructor
- Personal trainer
- Sports nutritionist
- Parks and recreation manager

11. Professional golf management
- Golf course facilities manager
- Golf instructor
- High school golf coach
- College golf coach
- Professional golfer

12. Parks and recreation
- Public sports facility coordinator
- Recreational sports team coach
- Director of recreational sports and activities
- Recreational sporting events planner

13. Leisure facilities management
- Fitness center manager
- Recreational sports manager
- Recreational sports coach
- Outdoor activities coordinator
- Personal trainer

14. Occupational therapy
- Sports rehab occupational therapist
- Sports rehab occupational therapist assistant
- Sports team occupational therapist

15. Sports medicine
- Sports complex strength and conditioning specialist
- Sports team athletic trainer
- Exercise physiologist
- Sports team coach
- Sports physical therapist
- Sports medicine physician

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Brad’s Answer

HI Nicholas,

Echoing what Jesennia said by recommending you identify the path or area in sports that you are most interested or passionate about. Is it sports management? Sports marketing? Administration? Media? A lot if not most programs across the country are broad when it comes to majoring in something sports related. I majored in sports management and it covered a variety of aspects within the business of sport. There are so many avenues you can take in the world of sport it's just about figuring out what you're most interested in. I think continuing to network will be helpful like using LinkedIn to your benefit. You might be able to get subscriptions to Sports Business Journal as a student that will help provide more insight to the sports world. Best of luck!
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François’s Answer

Hi Nicholas,

This is great that you want to work in sports. It's a very demanding yet rewarding field.

Jesennia and Brad both gave valuable information and provided great feedback. On top of choosing the academic path that matches your interests and skills set, one thing I could add is to try to get as much exposure, experience and contacts through local sports tournaments or with your varsity team(s), either as an intern or a volunteer. Showing that you have the willingness and background to match your academic credentials can certainly help you open some doors.

Good luck!