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How did you began your career as a Immigration And Customs inspectorr?

How long they took to hire you? How many recommendations you needed?

Thank you comment icon Hi it looks like you've asked the same question multiple times. Here are the links that will give you the answers you seek: - Beginning a career as an Immigration and Customs inspector - How to apply for ICE: Good luck! Teresa Heinrich
Thank you comment icon Hi Nicole - I agree with Jessica. The best place to start is the Customs and Border Protection website to find the position requirements. Allyson Gonzalez
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1 answer

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Jessica’s Answer

Hi Nicole,
You can start by reviewing ICE's website:
You can also look at all kinds of federal jobs on USA Jobs:
A major such as criminal justice, political science or international affairs could work in college. There are pathway programs and internships you can get into while in college that can hopefully streamline easier into a federal career upon graduation.
I hope this helps!