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McDonald A. Feb 13 94 views

Can I get a voluntary Job in architectural drawings?

I want to practice in CAD drafting or architectural drawings....


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Mohamdnasir S. Mar 04 55 views

what's the most importing thing about this job

2: did u go to college 3: how much money does this job pay in...

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Ben N. Mar 04 147 views

What values do you uphold in your career?

What is important to you? What are your moral standings? #values #tech...


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Anastasia B. Mar 11 66 views

What are there hours like during the week and weekends?

#career Work hours and studying...

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Romell W. Mar 12 122 views

what are them pro's and con's of this job discription

construction electric...


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Hannah L. Mar 13 48 views

what is it like to be a labor and delivery nurse?

I'm very interested in becoming an L&D nurse in the future, however, I do not know what to...

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matthew P. Mar 13 66 views

what is your favorite part of your job title?

what kind of things do you like while doing your job like making things that are neat and different what is your favorite part of the job....


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eliana D. Apr 10 103 views
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crystal B. Apr 11 81 views

how can i be a proffecional party planner

i love to party plan but will it be worth the money and time? #money...


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Charlie S. Apr 17 59 views

If my strengths are reliable and hardworking and my hobbies are studying and planning, what type of careers or industries might best fit for me ?

What other strengths or experiences might I need for the suggested career ?...


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Alex V. Apr 17 51 views

Can i make money off Playing Videogames

I want to make fast and i see that 13 years old are making more money than my parents...