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Civic Duty
steven’s Avatar
steven Jun 14, 2022 816 views

How do I become an FBI

Are these the courses I need to take? (Criminal Justice, Finance, and Public Safety Administration)

jaleel’s Avatar
jaleel Jun 14, 2022 318 views

What made you want to become a private investigator/detective?

It has always intrigued me what a private detectives and investigators do on a daily basis what are their duties

Nakene’s Avatar
Nakene Jun 14, 2022 674 views

What clothing is appropriate to wear in a construction environment?

I was told back when I was 12 that there are a good amount of safety equipment employees are required to wear in order to prevent accidents.

Leonardo’s Avatar
Leonardo Jun 14, 2022 438 views

How much will I get paid in construction?

I am starting technical training and would like more information.

Nakene’s Avatar
Nakene Jun 14, 2022 362 views

How long will my work shifts be when I do begin working?

As I have never worked before, I am unsure of how much time I would be utilizing for my hard work during the job

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole May 31, 2022 390 views

What do you like more of being a Immigration And Customs Inspector ?

Reasons that you like to do on your job. What made you choose this career? Do you like the work environment ?

jaleel’s Avatar
jaleel Jun 13, 2022 570 views

What does a chef and head chef's schedule look like?

i was wondering how the day to- day schedule for chef and head cook looks like do you work long hours and do you get a breaks? l've always been curious what they do.

Yakov’s Avatar
Yakov Jun 10, 2022 537 views

Sports Journalism

Hi, does anyone have any leads on how to become a sports journalist?

Anny’s Avatar
Anny Jun 10, 2022 607 views

What was your major before law school?

Did your major prepare you for what you studied at law school? Looking back, would you have chosen something else?

Alessia’s Avatar
Alessia Jun 12, 2022 602 views

What to English Lit majors do?

What's studied in an English Lit major course? What is it used for? What kind of jobs can it get you?

Nia’s Avatar
Nia Jun 07, 2022 1019 views

I want to get a bfa - how hard is it to get into a program?

I’m 14 and want to pursue acting as a career, particularly Shakespeare. My plan right now is to do 5-7 plays a year during high school, do the ESU Shakes comp, create Shakes clubs where I can start getting directing experience, continue with my outside of school acting coach, singing as well,...

Karinna’s Avatar
Karinna Jun 13, 2022 864 views

I want to become a fashion designer and don’t know where to start?

My dream career is to be become a fashion designer, however I’m not sure how to approach being what I want to be. What do I have to do first in order to fulfill my career?

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Jun 10, 2022 486 views

How does being a Immigration And Customs inspector affect your regular lifestyle?

Do they prohibit you do do certain stuff? Can you have tattoos/piercings?

jeremiah’s Avatar
jeremiah Jun 12, 2022 567 views

is getting a job as a lawyer if you have filed for bankrupcy

law question

centajah’s Avatar
centajah Jun 13, 2022 393 views

How long did it take for you to get were your at?

I asked this question because I would like to know the time frame that I took to get there