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Alessia Jun 16 182 views

Whats the major differences between different colleges?

what's the difference between college, university, technical schools, community colleges, etc? What can each one do for me?

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Alessia Jun 12 244 views

What to English Lit majors do?

What's studied in an English Lit major course? What is it used for? What kind of jobs can it get you?

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Alessia Jun 12 173 views

Is policing enjoyable?

Is being a policeman/woman actually enjoyable? I mean in big cities like La, Chicago, NY. Is it too much of a rough experience or can it be fun?

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Alessia Jun 09 136 views

legal hacking

whats the best and worst part about being a legal hacker?

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Alessia Jun 09 206 views

how to keep going

what's the best way to keep going and working while fighting depression and anxiety?

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Alessia Jun 08 99 views

Video editing, producing

How long would be normal to work on a five or six minute semi-professional music video?