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Associate Director at AT&T
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Emilio Sep 27, 2022 699 views

How can I get an internship being an f1 student?

I have an f-1 student visa

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Stacy Feb 26, 2021 503 views

What colleges are good for studying law in MA?

#law-school #career #law #business #immigration law

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Abby Mar 03, 2021 1067 views

Tips for choosing between law and psychology careers

Hi, my name is Abby! I am a junior in high school and have to start thinking about how I want to spend the rest of my life making money (fun!) and would really appreciate some help. Some of the paths I am considering are psychology because I love the psych classes I have taken, and law because...

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Juliana Mar 03, 2021 482 views

What other fields of law should I look into if I want to become an immigration lawyer

#lawyer #Immigration law #law-school #law

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Oscar Aug 25, 2020 542 views

Can a undocumented immigrant apply for advance parole?

I saw somewhere that a undocumented person can apply for advance parole to get a legal reentry to adjust status to permanent residence. #advice #immigration #government