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Abby C. Jan 03 109 views

What is a good path for a human resources career?

Hi! I am Abby, and I don't actually know what I'm going to do with my life. It's a little intimidating and scary as a high school senior. I have done some research on what I am interested in, and declared my major at most prospective schools as psychology. I genuinely like it and I feel like it...

college college-major humanresources psychologymajor career major business corporate psychology chro management

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Abby C. Mar 03, 2021 303 views

Tips for choosing between law and psychology careers

Hi, my name is Abby! I am a junior in high school and have to start thinking about how I want to spend the rest of my life making money (fun!) and would really appreciate some help. Some of the paths I am considering are psychology because I love the psych classes I have taken, and law because...

law-school lawyer organizationalpsychology generalcounsel iopsychology exams team psychologist psychology inhousecounsel corporatelaw politics law forensicpsychology humanresources money industrialpsychology politicalscience

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Abby C. Sep 09, 2020 291 views

Should I become a lawyer and how do I do it?

I am in the eleventh grade and I have always wanted to become a lawyer. My aunt is one and we always talk about how interesting it is. I have done some research and I think I want to work as a legal counsel for corporate or as a public defender, leaning more towards legal counsel due to the...

law-school lawyer inhousecounsel generalcounsel school lawyers law associate-lawyer corporate-lawyer politicalscience criminology corporatelawyer