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Do employers favour certain university clubs or societies?

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Is there a university club or society that may make me more employable? #university #employers #student-clubs

3 answers

Mark’s Answer


Any campus involvement looks good because it shows you have a variety of interests and are willing to do more than the base requirements to graduate college. While a club related to you major/career is a good idea, leadership positions are what employers are truly looking for. Volunteer activities look great too, so don't be afraid to look off campus for a good way to give back and build that resume!

While the specific club doesn't matter so much, having something on your resume is important. A 4.0 student who just studied will get overlooked for a 3.7 student who was involved in three clubs and led one of them. It shows they can juggle multiple responsibilities and is a testament to their people skills.

Charles’s Answer


By in large most employers want hard workers who can do the job and are willing to serve them and their clients. Clubs can have an impact, but depends greatly what it is and the things you did in them, such as:

Giving practical skills they maybe looking for.

Developing relationships with people who maybe your peers in the future.
Providing short and long term networking possibilities.

Certain industries or businesses may view a certain associations as you belonging to their "club". Examine past U.S. Presidents and the clubs/sororities they belonged to that also includes people who ended up being major policy makers and captains of industry.

Amy’s Answer


It's great that you want to be involved! In addition to looking for clubs that can benefit you (like the networking opportunities mentioned above), I also suggest that you look for clubs or groups that allow you to serve others. There is a lot of emphasis today even in the big corporate world on giving back and showing that you did this before you started your career shows that you head and your heart is in the right place. I think a good mix of professional and personal involvement would help you out a great deal. It would certainly sway me as a manager if I was looking at closely aligned job candidates. Best of luck!