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When does being an automotive engineer become difficult?

Is there anything that becomes challenging with being an auto mechanic? Does anything become a "what is this?" moment for something?

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1 answer

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John’s Answer

HI Fernado,

Just guessing from your 3 questions, you love cars! Am I close? I wrote another article about being a mechanic that I think you'll like:

In addition to the information in this article, I'd say the biggest problem with being a mechanic is the pay. You may not be happy with what you make. But there is a way to fix cars and trucks and make more money. As you are learning and growing your career, focus on what's new and what's exotic or expensive. For example, right now you know electric cars are coming on to the scene Fast and Furious (pun intended!) Electric trucks (like a MAC Truck but made by Tesla) are headed our way and self-driving vehicles are already on our roads. The newer technology might be too much for some people to learn. But not too much for you! Learn it all and never stop learning. If you are the one person in the city that can fix the newest automotive tech, you'll never be in need of a job. Similarly, if you have a specialty for fixing expensive cars, you will also make more money.

I hope you are fixing up your own car now. Even if you are too young to drive, there's no age limit on learning!

Of course, there will always be something you don't know. And you will have "What is this" moments in your career. To get ready for them learn how to learn. YouTube and Google are your friends. Learn to search the Internet for answers to your questions. Also make friends. There is always someone smarter. There is always someone with more experience. There is always someone that knows something you don't know. People joke that men don't ask for directions. I think real men do.

Work hard but also work a little bit smart. It will pay off.


John recommends the following next steps:

Read my other article
Learn Electric Vehicles tech; Learn Self Driving tech
Fix up your own car now no matter how old you are.
Specialize is exotic cars. Pick one that has a dealership close to home.
Make friends. Learn to ask questions.