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Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Apr 12 178 views

How do I get shadowing opportunity during my summer break from college??

I am currently a Pre-Med Student at the University of Miami.

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Apr 12 215 views

What is the best way to start getting experience in IT?

Not sure if it's important, but I want add I'm currently working towards the CompTIA A+ certification.

Q’s Avatar
Q Dec 18, 2023 741 views

How do I know if I want to go to college or not?

I'm interested in various subjects, but college is so expensive and I don't know if any would lead to a good job after college

cecilia’s Avatar
cecilia Nov 20, 2023 440 views

why is school important?

im in high school but I want to drop out what should I do

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Nov 20, 2023 312 views

How can I get into real estate after high school?

I am a Junior in high school and I am confused about how I should focus and get into an idea of real estate. I don't know how I will be able to get into it after high school.

Alina’s Avatar
Alina Sep 17, 2023 396 views

Any tips for starting a professional TikTok account?

Any tips for an aspiring singer-songwriter trying to build a social media presence? Thanks!

Caulin’s Avatar
Caulin Sep 14, 2023 299 views

what makes someone get into cybersecurity how can your work prove flexible how does the job bleed into/improve or change your life outside of work do you find that you have support outside your work that supports a working attitude that you also find in your workspace ?

what examples have you seen or experienced from your employment of your employer valuing effort over skill? do they seem to differentiate between the two? do they reward those who utilize the difference by using both hand in hand?

janie’s Avatar
janie Nov 22, 2022 381 views

How do I go about fulfilling my dream to start an organisation which helps people discover the full potential of their minds using neuroscience? #Fall22

I am very passionate about positive thinking and I believe that you can change your life by changing the way you think. I have always found the biology of psychology very interesting. I also have an entrepreneurial mind and I know I want to start an organisation that will empower and send...

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Nov 12, 2022 707 views

I need help finding a certificate or associates degree from unknown sub major?

I would like to get a certificate or associates degree for creating a business for an online multi search engine. The type of searches you can conduct are public records, proprietary records, detailed business records including companies that are dissolved a long time ago, web search, image...

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Nov 09, 2022 409 views

I wanna be like Mr beast how do I make bread to give away to other people?

I wanna be famous and have a youtube channel like my homie mr beast so how i make bread? And I wanna be the president.

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Nov 01, 2022 374 views

How do I invest in stock?

When should I buy and when should I sell stock?

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Oct 31, 2022 877 views

Would Real Estate be a good career to go into?

What would I want to major in if I wanted to go into Real Estate?
Also what are the different roles or areas in real estate to work in, and a brief explination of them, and which ones are more benifiting?
How does recieving money work for the different areas in real estate?

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Oct 25, 2022 775 views

How did you make a career path in the music industry?

I started producing my own music when I was about 12 or 13 and since then I've learned a lot and wanted to potentially turn it into a full blown career, so I was wondering how people in the industry got to where they were and made good amounts of money.

valentin’s Avatar
valentin Oct 26, 2022 663 views

What should I expect when being an auto mechanic like do you get overwhelmed with the workload if a lot of cars come in?

What should I expect when being an auto mechanic like do you get overwhelmed with the workload if a lot of cars come in?

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Oct 27, 2022 574 views

What makes you stand out compared to other chefs ?

I want to know what is the best thing that pops out about your resume compared to others. Are there any experience that I need to know that make you a priority compared to the rest of the competition