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How can I get into real estate after high school?

I am a Junior in high school and I am confused about how I should focus and get into an idea of real estate. I don't know how I will be able to get into it after high school.

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1 answer

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John’s Answer

Hi Chloe,

Real Estate can be a great career. But it can be hard to get going. The important thing here is to work for a successful real estate agent, while you are learning the ropes. So here is the process.

1.) Research how old you have to be in your state to get your real estate license.
2.) Get your license on your birthday. In other words, get it as soon as possible.
3.) Go to Zillow/ et al and find all the real estate agents in your area that are listing property.
4.) Contact them all by phone. Explain you are looking to learn the real estate business and for an unpaid assistant position.
a.) Unpaid could last your Junior year in HS.
b.) By your Sr year you should be getting a small hourly wage.
5.) As you grow in experience you should be listing your own properties while you are an assistant of the other agent.
6.) Go to college for Marketing. Most of what an agent does is sales, negotiating and marketing. You will be much better long term if you have a marketing degree.
7.) Make a ton of friends in college. Make sure they all know you are a real estate agent. College grads eventually buy houses. Make sure they are buying from you!

Hope this helps.