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how do we become a surgical tech?

How do you know if that's what your really interested in?

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1 answer

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Stacy’s Answer

Well first off if you want to be a surgical technologist you would need to enroll in a program. There are some certificate, diploma and 2 year degree programs. After you receive your diploma, certificate or degree you would need to take the certification test through the N.B.S.T.A. Not all but most facilities are looking for board certified surgical technologists.

A person who is interested in surgery would be comfortable around blood, urine, feces, exposed bones, tissues and organs. There is alot of interesting things to see and unfortunately smell.

A person who wants to be a surg tech should be a person who cares, wants to help people and maintains a high level of personality accountability and integrity. ( we refer to this as surgical conscience) A true healthcare professional is someone who is non judgemental and willing to provide excellent care to all patients no matter their condition or how they ended up in their situation. A great healthcare professional does not let their personal beliefs guide a patients care.

If you have a curiosity for human anatomy and the body systems surgery might be for you. If you aren't afraid of blood and you are willing to learn everyday you might be interested in this position.

If you aren't interested in being shoulder to shoulder with a surgeon assisting in surgery another option for you may be Sterile Processing Technician.

Stacy recommends the following next steps:

Google surgical technologist programs near you
Contact a lical hospital and ask if they would let you come in and observe a surgical procedure
Check YouTube for surgical procedures (ex. Total knee arthroplasty, robotic prostatectomy, laparoscopic appendectomy, exploratory laparotomy)