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Are there downsides to hiring someone who graduated from an HBCU (Historically Black College/University)?

I just wanted to know if all graduates are looked at as qualified no matter what school they attended or if students from certain schools look more qualified #college #jobs #university #hbcu #black

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Augusta, The best advice given to me was: your college experience is what you make it. Speaking from personal experience: I attended an HBCU and can assure you I was never looked at as less for the university I attended. Your university does not determine how qualified you are. When you get to college you just have to work hard and make the most of your experiences. Attending an HBCU will provide you with so many opportunities but which ever school you choose the sky is the limit! -Lauren
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As a undergraduate of an HBCU, I can honestly say that I have not been overlooked because of my school. I believe all college graduates are looked at as qualified. It's how you present yourself on your resume as well as during an interview. I will say that some corporations are more likely to seek graduates from well known schools regardless if it's an HBCU or not. If you're a graduate from a small less than well known school, then you will have to do more of the seeking. I hope this helps you to make your choice. Good luck!
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There are downsides to hiring graduates of any school, not just HBCUs. The challenge in the hiring process is identifying people with the skills you need to help grow your business. The school the applicant attended is just one factor. Employers will look at all factors (including experience, certifications, volunteer work, etc.) on a resume when making a hiring decision. Some companies may have stricter qualifications than others (only hiring from certain schools). However, that is not typical.

Make yourself attractive to a company by becoming a well rounded candidate in addition to your educational background.

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