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Do you have to go to college for modeling ? If i should attend college, what should i major in?

I am unsure if I should attend college because I want to be a model , but I don't know what i would even major in. #modeling #college #college-major #fashion

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2 answers

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Michelle’s Answer

You have the answer to this question deep inside you. The purpose of a college degree is not for a guarantee of a certain job. The college experience will help you develop as a person and learn what you favor and develop as an individual person. Some degrees are required for some jobs, yes. However, modeling is not a job that requires a formal education or degree.

But with a college degree, you may be able to use it for teaching or the business end of the modeling industry or many other ways.

No one should tell you what you should major in. If you really are conflicted about it, go for a Liberal Arts degree at a two year college. By than, most likely, you will know where your interests lie and can go on for a Bachelor's Degree at a university. Which you'll need. Yes. In life you will always benefit from a formal education. The personal growth alone is worth it. It will allow you to be more independent. But the bottom line is, it is one of the best ways to develop your potential. Also, you don't want to turn 30 or 40 and regret that you never obtained a degree. The decisions you make today will greatly affect your life ten years from now and beyond.

Years ago, there were many secure jobs for people who didn't go to college, but it's not like that today. Factory work has been outsourced. So in today's world, a college degree is very necessary.

Best wishes with your decisions and future endeavors !

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Subbaiah’s Answer

Modeling is a career that doesn't require any specific degree or credential. With that said, obtaining a relevant degree could enhance your prospects of becoming a fashion model. Relevant associate's or bachelor's degree programs include fashion design, accessories design, fashion merchandising, and photography. You just need a basic education and some intelligence. What is important are your physical characteristics. I also think if you are streetwise it could be useful. If you are successful you will need a manager or agent to negotiate on your behalf. You will also require a good deal of luck. If you can crack it the rewards can be very lucrative.