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Would it be more beneficial for a person to go to a community college because of the amount of people attending as well?

Im not sure if the college that I want to go to would have to have a smaller amount of students or a higher amount of students? #wheredoigo #smaller #orbigger #college #college-selection #community-college

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3 answers

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Nancy’s Answer

Magaly, number of students is one factor to consider when choosing a college. However, people vary on how important that is to them. Community colleges are supported by taxes and can cost less than 4-year colleges, especially ones at which living on campus is required. Community colleges generally don't offer residence halls. Many students find the course of study leading to preparation for a certain type of job or for further education is the most important factor. After all, there are plenty of things you can do to be around people without enrolling in school. Focusing on an area of study which interests you and can help lead to a career that aligns with your goals may be more important than number of students. Some people learn better with smaller class sizes, so that may be a more relevant factor than total enrollment of a school.

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Sarah’s Answer

Hi there,

What exactly do you mean by "the amount of people attending?" If you're referring to the fact that some people choose to start at a community college because the classes are generally smaller - well, whether or not it would beneficial to you very much depends on your comfort level and learning style. I would recommend taking a tour of any college you're considering and just seeing whether or not you would be comfortable there. Does the college feel too big? Just right?

For some people, they prefer small class sizes, so they choose to start at a community college. Depending on the four-year college you go to, some of the general intro classes are pretty large (100+ people), then (usually), the classes get smaller as you take more major-specific classes. This is not true for all four-year colleges though, which is why I recommend going on a tour if you are able, or oftentimes, colleges have their faculty:student ratio posted on their website somewhere.

I hope that helps, let me know if I need to expand on any of this!

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Shari’s Answer

Based on your comfort level. Do you currently attend a large school? Do you like that atmosphere?
Being in a lecture hall with hundreds of other freshman can be a bit overwhelming.
Have you visited a big campus? Some places will let you sit in on a class to get a feel for it.
Campus tours can be a good decision maker.