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What can you tell me about a writing career?

Is there anything you can tell me on the subject of having a writing career? If there's any advise you can give me to become a fiction writer.
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4 answers

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Elena’s Answer

Do you want to write for your own pleasure or to make money? If it's the latter, know that that fiction is a *much* harder sell than nonfiction--you really have to work at it on many levels. That means not just having a top-notch book that appeals to a wide range of readers but building an audience through things like Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email lists....

As an author (under a pseudonym) I've published both types, and the nonfiction books are what pay the rent, even though I honed my novel for three times as long and did all the "right" things. Whether you go through a traditional publisher or self-publish, learn as much about marketing as you can--it counts just as much as if not more than the writing itself.

Seth Godin is a genius at marketing and his book Small Is the New Big is a gold mine of tips (focused on businesses but as a writer, the more you can treat writing as a business, the more successful you'll be). Also, the Independent Book Publisher's Association is a hugely valuable resource for self-published authors, with articles and webinars that get to the point and really help.

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Quality Service’s Answer

A writing career first starts with identifying your interests. You will serve your clients better if you love what you do. Many people venture into writing because they want the money, which shouldn't be the case. However, to establish a thriving writing business, identify what you can offer best to a certain niche. Moreover, a writing career will also require you to invest more time in searching for potential clients who will want to benefit from your skills and qualifications.

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Susan E.’s Answer

A writing career does not happen overnight. It takes a while to hone your skills. The best start would be to practice writing your fiction or even character stories in a blog and submit short stories to fiction magazines. There's a lot out there so you might want to think about the kind of fiction that interests you the most.

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Julia’s Answer

If you can get a hold of John Gardner’ book on Fiction Writing and read it because it is one of the best practical books on fiction Writing.

Then you may want to check out Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces and/or Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’ Journey (which is based on Campbell’s works).

Lastly, if you want to understand the writer’s life read Annie Dillard’s The Writer’s Life.

Then begin to network and get on LinkedIn to join some writing groups.