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What are some good time management skills. I always seem to get off task.

I always get off task, especially at night when I have to study for a big exam.
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5 answers

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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Madeleine:

Thank you for your question. You've received some insightful information that Professionals have shared with you. I'd like to include a few items of my own.

Setting time aside to complete the most important tasks on your list is important for managing your time. You might consider blocking off certain brackets of time on your calendar on a regular basis so you are guaranteed to have time in your schedule without distractions. I manage my calendar by reviewing it first thing in the morning and lastly at night when signing off my laptop for work.

Prioritization is a difficult skill but gets easier with practice. You can practice prioritization by making to-do lists. Writing or typing out everything you need to get done can help you physically prioritize the tasks that are most urgent or easy to get out of the way.

Practicing regular goal-setting can help you clearly understand exactly what you need to accomplish to achieve certain results.

One tool that I use is my Outlook Calendar and Clock function on my phone. I set reminders, block off time, set alarms, timers, etc.

Remember, as you are studying for your finals, please make time to get some leisure activity and lots of rest. 😉

~ Sheila

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Simeon’s Answer

It's honestly much better to study in small ten to fifteen minutes sessions multiple times per week as opposed to cram studying. It's way less stressful and the information sticks better. You know how TV advertisements are trying to repeat the same message to you in small chunks multiple times per week? It's the same thing. Our brains retain information way better when its repeated often in small chunks. When you have multiple hour study sessions, the odds are that you're going to be zoning off once the first thirty to forty minutes have passed.

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Madeleine! Great question! For me, I would make a list in my planner of all the things I have to do for the day and then I would check them off one by one. I think spacing out studying and assignments allow for an easier way to manage them and allows for better learning as well, than cramming it overnight. Personally for me, my phone would sometimes be distracting so I would leave it in another room or put it in my bag so that I wouldn't feel compelled to check it. I also think in time management it is important to hold yourself accountable for studying and sometimes by yourself that could be difficult; if you could find a group of friends to set times to study together and break up the topics it could be helpful come exam day. Lastly, give yourself breaks because after a certain time of studying it does get difficult to concentrate, for example if you study for two hours give yourself a 5-10 min. break to walk around, get something to drink or maybe even watch a funny video to ease the stress of exams. Hope this has helped!

Best of luck!

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Subbaiah’s Answer

Effective time management is all about having the right balance between you study time and your personal time.
Firstly, plan your priorities. This will help you stay on track and organized during your exam period.
Make your own to-do list. Most students tend to leave important tasks until the last minute.
Create your own schedule and stick to that. Creating schedule not following that is of no use.
When there is a need to study late night a day before exam, you might feel distracted. At that point of time, get some exercise. I am sure it’s going to act like getting a small nap.
Through exercise, you can focus your state of mind and help you clear your head.
The most important thing is after implementing a new method, do not forget to assess if it has been effective for you.

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Matthew’s Answer

Hi Madeleine!

Time management can be a tricky thing to master, especially around finals time. The biggest thing to do is to not procrastinate. Waiting until the last minute to study can seem nice in the beginning but will only make things harder and more stressful in the end. Divide the material that is covered on the exam into smaller amounts to minimize stress and maximize retention. Start this as soon as you know of your exam and begin to initially learn the material. This will make things easier later on down the road if you have already started reviewing material.

I suggest making a calendar for each class and putting all important dates (homework assignments, papers, quizzes, tests, and projects/presentations) on it to start working with a timeline. This should help with your time management and ultimately help with getting distracted before a final because the bulk of the work will already be done, all you will need is a light review.

I hope this helps!