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How to get an internship?

I know most colleges offer internships for college juniors and seniors, but how do you find some if your college doesn't offer any opportunities? Do you contact a business and instead of asking for a job do you ask for an internship? Do you need to fill out and turn in a resume when you do? How does the overall process usually work? #college #internships #job-search #work #opportunites #employment

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2 answers

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Penny’s Answer

Internships are critical to securing employment after college - great job thinking ahead and planning for the future! Depending on your choice of study in college, your department's program assistant may distribute internship opportunities to active students. Definitely make sure your department knows you are seeking internships to gain work experience. You can also check out Idealist.org for internship opportunities, specifically for opportunities in the nonprofit field and public sector.

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Hannah’s Answer

Hi Krysta, good for your for thinking ahead and planning for an internship experience! I recommend that you connect with one of the Career Services members on your campus and ask if they can support you with setting up an internship, constructing a resume, and mock interviewing. You will absolutely want a polished resume when applying to internships and any extra interview experience is helpful.

You can also search for internships online through job websites like Indeed.com or LinkedIn. Or if there is a specific company that you want to ultimately work for, then I would recommend that you reach out and ask to speak with an Office Manager, HR Representative, or someone that might be in charge of internships.

This will help get your foot in the door, but the next step is ensuring you are prepped for the interview!