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Do most colleges offer free peer tutoring for courses?

A tutor can be helpful especially for an athlete that might miss some classes due to games #basketball #college #tutoring #academic-advising

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3 answers

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James’s Answer

Hi Brendan,

Most universities do offer free tutoring services to students. I went to Bryant University and was a peer tutor for 2 years. I tutored in both group and one on one sessions with mainly student athletes. Student athletes usually had required study hall hours and the tutoring services are usually in line with those hours. Don't worry about missing a few classes for games you can certainly still excel in your classes by utilizing free peer tutoring services.

Good luck!

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Neha’s Answer

Free tutoring depends on the college or university.
Make sure you ask that question before enrolling - find out what kind of tutoring is offered if any and if there is a cost.

Good luck to you!

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Ryan’s Answer

Yes, every college I have ever visited or attended offers some type of peer tutoring. Some schools have better tutoring programs than others so if that is something that matters to you I would definitely ask about it at college visits.