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Civic Duty
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Darin Aug 06, 2018 875 views

What does studying abroad offer that studying on campus doesn't?

any important information you know on this topic in general?
#studyabroad #overseas #study

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Millie May 09, 2016 1025 views

What sort of opportunities are out there after graduating college with a bachelor's degree in zoology?

What types of occupations are out there for a recent college graduate in this field of study? What would the average student coming out of this area of study expect? #career #career-counseling #graduate #zoology #job-opportunities #animal #college

Matthew ’s Avatar
Matthew Sep 01, 2017 788 views

What is the most direct route to become a Zoologist?

I want to become a Zoologist to be able to help and train animals. What would be the most direct way to get there?i know it takes 4 years and a at least a bachelors degree. I would like to start off working at the zoo for some experience with working with animals. What is the most direct route...

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Brendan Sep 01, 2017 878 views

Do most colleges offer free peer tutoring for courses?

A tutor can be helpful especially for an athlete that might miss some classes due to games #basketball #college #tutoring #academic-advising

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Taylor Sep 01, 2017 702 views

What things must I take with me when I move into college? What isn't necessary to take?

Dorms are small but I want to have what I need since I most likely will not have a car. I don't want to run out of space with unnecessary things. #movein #college #college-advice

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Megan Sep 28, 2017 839 views

How do I get scholarships in nursing ?

I am really interested in becoming a nurse anesthetist. #registered-nursing #nursing #scholarships #college-selection

Kyrsten’s Avatar
Kyrsten Sep 01, 2017 1503 views

Would going study Veterinary Medicine be a better option or study Anthropology?

I'm having a hard time deciding which path to choose for myself. I've always had my plans set, so not knowing which career field I wanna go to is sort of stressful.
#veterinary-medicine #anthropology #veterinary #animal-health #anthropologist

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Treshaun May 06, 2016 830 views

what careers can you get with a degree in physical therapy ?


Javonte’s Avatar
Javonte May 24, 2016 973 views

What kind of things do doctors do?

I want to be a doctor. I dont know what all they do. #doctor #medicine

emma’s Avatar
emma May 23, 2016 1028 views

What is a good way to tell what college is best for you?

I'm asking because I have a couple in mind but can't decide which one would be better for me. #college #college-admissions #career #higher-education

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Jada Aug 31, 2017 675 views

What's an authentic major for a forensic anthropologist to take?

I don't know much about being a anthropologist, but bones fascinate me because they evolve from small to big and that's cool. #Bones #anthropology #forensic

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly May 18, 2016 848 views

What qualifications are you looking for in a newly graduate person?

Want to know for future reference, I like to hear from the professional side. #career-counseling #career #hiring #college