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What are some activities I can do that will help me in the future if I want to become an architect?

I am currently a sophomore in high school and I am really looking into being an architect. I am trying to get more of an idea of things I can practice like some of the skills that will be necessary and other activities that can be good practice for a future job in architecture.

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2 answers

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Vamshee’s Answer

Great Question and Kudos to your enthusiasm to get prepared for future.

You can refer to the question related Architecture career/duties on career village for information and see if this is of your interest for sure.

Common tasks of an architect may include:

Developing architecture that best aligns with a client's needs.
Overseeing architectural projects to ensure functional and high-quality design.
Producing blueprints for a project
Composing predesign figures that may include cost analysis, land studies and the environmental impact of a structure.
Researching and following zoning laws, building codes, city ordinances and other regulations that impact an architectural project.
Using advanced computer technology to draft models of structures and explore different construction approaches.
Finding and obtaining construction contracts and coordinating with construction workers

While there are several types of architects in various industries, the primary objective of all architects is to plan and design all components of a structure.

What skills do I need to be a good architect?
To be a successful architect, you’ll need skills such as:

Written, oral, and presentation skills
Critical and analytical thinking
Art and design capabilities
Problem solving and decision making.
Leadership and collaboration
Technical abilities
Mathematical abilities
Time management
Attention to detail.

Most high schools lack programs specific to architecture; however, you can start preparing yourself for a career as an architect early in your academic careers.
Math classes such as geometry, algebra, calculus, and trigonometry are all recommended for aspiring architects.
Similarly, science classes such as physics are beneficial for understanding concepts such as force, compression, and tension.
It’s also important to explore the arts; drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography all help build the ability to visualize and conceptualize.

There are a handful of AP courses that are particularly beneficial for those hoping to be accepted into a competitive college architecture program. AP Calculus, Physics, and 3D Art and Design will all help wow colleges and build skills necessary for the rigorous coursework ahead.
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Meg’s Answer

The above are really great and thoughtful insights. I can only add a couple of quick points:
You also might look for opportunities to learn tools like Revit (3D drafting program ) or hand drafting which are sometime supported in high school. Keep an eye out for volunteer building opportunities like Habitat for Humanity projects where you can see how the building process works first hand. Look at what is trending in architecture by reading online ( or Architecture 2030 might be a place to start) or looking at trade magazines like Architecture. Publications include articles about award winning architecture and building technology. 2030 is an initiative to ecourage buildings to target net zero energy use. Even the adds can be interesting and offer some insight. Good luck!