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What is the biggest struggle when doing pediatric nursing?

I am currently a nursing student about to go into my second to last class for nursing and I am doing my pediatric rotation as well as OB. I am really nervous about pediatrics since I have not had much experience with sick children, but I am excited to start. If there is anything you can give me tips on I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much.

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1 answer

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Barbara’s Answer

Trust the parents to show you the way to handle their child. Understand the following:
1. Taking care of sick children takes time and lots of practice.
2. Be kind to yourself, you will not be able to connect with all children
3. Be an advocate for children, and be culturally sensitive
4. Kids are not just small adults
5. Listen, listen, listen
6. Know your medications and dosages
Just a few thoughts, hope it helps.