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Would nursing be a good career to go in to if I want to be around people?

I love talking to people and don't want to sit at a desk for my job. #pediatric-nursing #career-counseling #career-choice #nursing #medicine

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Nursing has many options, from 1:1 interaction with patients who can't talk to you, to lot's of interaction where talking is a huge asset. The best nurses, and by that I mean the most liked with the highest ratings from their patients or the parents of the patient, are the ones who narrate the care that they give. It's a true art to be able to chat with a patient while you explain what you are doing and why you are doing it. Patients feel really comfortable with narrated care, and they feel that the care was of higher quality when narrated. Think about it, if someone came into your room and did something without explaining it, you might think that they were in the wrong room, right? If someone comes in to your room, acknowledges you, introduces themselves, states how long something might take, explains what is going on, and thanks you for your time... Wow, what a difference. So, if you like to talk and you like being around people, I hope I can hire you when you become a nurse!
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