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How much would college in a foreign country affect my academics?

I had a friend who was a foreign-exchange student in my high school and I would love to go to college in her country. Their culture and customs are very intriguing to me and I would love to have firsthand experience but wouldn't want to if I would have too many issues learning. I would be going to Norway. #foreign-exchange #foreign-languages #environmental-science

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Since education, especially science education, in the United States is experiencing significant political interference, I'd say that getting educated in a European country would be OUTSTANDING for your future. Learn the languages and become flexible and diverse in your overall knowledge. Look into Europe's pursuit of alternative energy and recycling technology. Come back to the U.S. after the necessary changes are in effect.
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Do you speak Norwegian fluently, or are there university programs in Norway that you can do in English? And what subject would you want to major in? I went to college in Europe, and typically there, you have to choose your major from the outset and most or all your classes are in that subject. Start by researching what programs exist in Norway and how to get into them. Also check the tuition--you will probably be pleasantly surprised by how low it is!
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Hi, Katherine! When developing a potential list of universities that you would be applying to, research the study abroad/exchange opportunities that they offer. Often, in addition to university-sponsored programs, the schools allow for students to participate in third party organizations. Examples include the University of Texas Study Abroad Office's comprehensive website (https://world.utexas.edu/abroad) and this article on respected study abroad organizations (https://www.hccmis.com/blog/study-abroad/the-15-best-study-abroad-organizations/). Your academic advisor will help you ultimately decide what works best for you in terms of your interests and degree program, but I commend you for doing your homework so early! Knowing what you want out of your undergraduate experience will allow you to put together a great potential college list to choose from when you're ready to begin applying. #study-abroad
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