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What Can i do with a Degree in International Business

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

So i would like to further my education and eventually study in international business. How can i incorporate my studies now, my internship, and life in the business world?
What types of jobs are out there and what is the market for jobs? #business #education #internships #international #international-business #business-idea

2 answers

Mike’s Answer

Updated Dhaka Division, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

This is a great question, International business is a great road to go down as the world really is a small place. I can't really help to much on the education side of things on courses, but I can offer advice on career and where to go and how to get connected in the industry. I would start by creating a linked in profile and start connecting with leaders in the business world. I would highly recommend getting in-touch with any businesses locally with in your community and seeing what type of opportunity you have to work with them as an intern to get a better idea of what area of expertise you would like to be in in the business world. Depending on the route you determine you would like to go down, start looking for opportunities in that field, example if its international business sales start looking for companies that have that opportunity. I always take a strong lead toward sales as a career choice as you get the opportunity in most cases to make the money you want and in the case of international business in sales you are connecting with people all over the world the possibilities are endless.

Thank you so much for your response. It is greatly appreciated. I will definelty look into the different avenues as you mentioned. I was more or less looking to branch into pharmaceutical, so sales was a good mention. Thanks Mike!
Thanks for your response! I had the same question, and this answer was very helpful. I'll definitely look into making a linked in profile and contacting local businesses.

Tanya’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Malik, when it comes to International Business (IB), Sales, IT, and Management are great job area opportunities because every major company has those departments. To increase your marketability, become fluent in a second language, if you are not already fluent. Arabic, Mandarin, and Cantonese are hot languages. However, Spanish and French are spoken in a lot of countries.

I appreciate your response. I've been contemplating on taking Italian, since that the market i want to be in. Do you have any advise for picking up a new language? I'm on a strict budget, what is the best self method that will allow me to become fluent? I'm on LinkedIn :www.linkedin.com/pub/malik-baltimore/87/774/273/
Malik, one of the best ways to learn a lesson is to constantly hear people speaking it. Since you want to learn Italian, I suggest finding Italian-speaking sites online and listen to them daily. For example, there may be some Italian news sites online. Also, try YouTube, and search for some videos on learning Italian or just videos of speaking Italian. Try sites like http://livemocha.com/pages/learn-languages/ and http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/italian/, which may still offer free lessons. Check your public library to see if they have any recommendations such as videos, language tapes, free lessons, etc. Also, find Italian social groups in Boston and go to any free events they may have.