What classes must I take in order to major in psychology?

I am intersested in majoring in phsychology when I go to collge. So i am wondering what classes I should take in order to major in phsycology?

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Two answers:

Typically when you decide to major in something in college, you need to do more than just take a certain set of courses: you also go through a process called "declaring" your major. This process is a little different in each school but, as an example, to declare your major you might look through a brochure listing a range of majors you could choose from to pick one, then go to the department where that major is managed, and fill out a short form. That's usually all that is required. From that point forward, you may have a discussion with an advisor to set out a plan for the courses you'll take throughout your time in college. As a result, that's why @myhrvold is correct when he says that it isn't something to worry about yet.

That said, if you're curious about the types of courses you'll take, here are some common psych courses that you could take to satisfy your degree requirements:

  • Intro to Psych
  • Cognitive neuroscience and cognition
  • Social Psych
  • Personality
  • Gender roles
  • Abnormal Psych
  • and many more...

As backup, here's an example 4-year course timeline for a psych major at UMich and the Psych course catalog at NYU. Good luck.

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The courses required to major in psychology will differ depending on which college you attend; and they will spell this out for you once you are enrolled, so I would not worry about this so much as which college you want to go to that has a good psychology program (unfortunately I don't know off the top of my head...but most big state schools have good psych departments).

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