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What do we exactly need to achieve in order to get into Harvard University?

I am currently studying in LaGuardia Community College and I plan to transfer to one of the ivy league colleges for the next fall. So, I want to make sure I meet all of the requirements that they need. Its not only my interest, its my necessity.
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2 answers

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T. Laure'nTony’s Answer

Harvard acknowledges applications through your decision of three application frameworks: the Common Application, the Coalition Application, or the Universal Application. The school has no inclination among these alternatives, so you can pick whichever one works best for you. You additionally have a decision of when to apply. Alongside its Regular Decision application course of events, which has a January first cutoff time, Harvard has a Restrictive Early Action program with a November first cutoff time. For more data on applying early and what Restrictive Early Action implies for you, investigate our blog entry on Early Decision versus Early Action versus Restrictive Early Action. Whichever alternative you pick, you'll have to round out all the standard application addresses that universities inquire. You'll likewise respond to Harvard's own supplemental inquiries, including an extra article question. (This paper is, in fact, discretionary, however, it's by and large to your greatest advantage to finish any discretionary application segments).

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Alongside your application, you'll present your record and school report, two educator proposals, and an application expense of $75 (or a charge waiver). Regarding state sanctioned tests, Harvard requires the ACT or SAT with or without composing. It likewise suggests taking two SAT II subject tests, except if you have budgetary difficulty. A meeting, by and large with a nearby Harvard graduate, is likewise normally part of the application process.You may see that Harvard's application isn't as long or perplexing as applications contrasted with some other schools, which may have numerous extra inquiries and paper prerequisites. This doesn't imply that applying to Harvard is simple. As we'll clarify underneath, paying little mind to how direct the application appears, there's a great deal that you have to think about how your application will be assessed.
On the off chance that Harvard's general acknowledgment rate is 4.6%, what are your own odds of getting admitted to Harvard? It's difficult to state, and just Harvard's entrance advisory board can settle on a ultimate conclusion. Likewise with all exceptionally serious schools, there's in every case some component of chance at play in who is acknowledged and who isn't.
There are things you can do to reinforce your candidate profile—accomplishing a Harvard-commendable GPA, for instance—and put in your absolute best effort for Harvard. On the off chance that you have the characteristics that Harvard esteems most, you're bound to get acknowledged than some different candidates. Given the sheer weight of numbers, notwithstanding, there are no assurances.

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Sam’s Answer

Have you tried reaching out to Harvard to see what their requirements are? You'll find that most students have similar academics profiles and academic level of achievement. You'll need differentiate yourself outside of this. Did you participate in any major academic competitions, science fairs, research symposiums, or participate in an collegiate committees? They want to know how do you plan to change the world.

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