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If you are interested in studying occupational thearpy as a major, but it is not listed in the majors offered at the school can you study it under another major at the school?

Asked Germantown, Maryland

There aren't many schools that I have looked into that offer occupational therapy as its own major and I am starting to question if it is its own major. In addition I was wondering if it could fall into other majors/fields of study in college. #occupational-therapy #college-majors #career #what-the-university-offers #what-schools-to-attend

2 answers

Brendon’s Answer

Updated Prosser, Washington
Generally yes. It depends if you want to be an Occupational Therapist (OT) or Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA.) As an OT, you'll need to complete a bachelor's and then a master's/doctorate degree. Your bachelor's can be in anything as long as you complete the prerequisite courses for your MSOT or DOT graduate program. COTAs have less schooling. 2-3 years total and finish with an associate degree. For that, you'll need to be in a specific, accredited COTA program. Best of luck! #ot #cota

Corinne’s Answer

Updated Silver Spring, Maryland
Hi , For undergraduate you need to make sure you have all the pre requisites needed to apply for the masters program. I would recommend you contact Towson or Howard who have OT programs in the area and I am sure they will give you what courses you need .Look into a psychology or sociology major with the sciences as the other pre perquisites, or choose bio plus load the psychology /sociology classes. My first idea to contact Howard would be my best advice. Good luck.