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What are some specific career options for someone with a international buiness major?

Hello I am a senior and will be attending a business school in the Fall. I was wondering which career options are available to International Buiness majors?

This link does a great job breaking down all business:

However, I am more focused on that specific major. Thank you!
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I went to NYU Stern, majored in Finance, and did a lot of International Business coursework. I found that the career options available to international business majors were not much different from the career options available to any other major, except that the international business majors were better suited to getting jobs outside the United States. In a way, this makes sense: international business is the same as non-international business except that it's in an international context. For example, if you major in finance, you could get a job at an investment bank in New York. If you major in finance and co-major in international business, you might be slightly more likely to get a job at an investment bank in Hong Kong than if you just majored in finance alone.

This is actually part of the reason that you sometimes see international business as a co-major instead of a stand-alone major. Based on my personal experience, I would recommend to anyone going to business school with an interest in doing business in an international context to either major in a functional area (finance, marketing, accounting, etc.) or to double-major in a functional area plus international business.

Basically: there is very little difference in the career options available to international business majors.

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I have studied International Business at San Diego State University. I have learned German language as a part of my major and studied abroad in Europe as a university exchange student. I have ended up working for technology company and now I work for Zynga where we make games people love to play! I am in International team where we translate our games into 16 languages around the world and localize the game content depending upon culture and traditions. So you can work in technology, engineering, business etc.

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