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What is the best major to go into if you want to become a breeder of swine or beef?


I am a high school senior and am applying to college with the thinking that I should have an animal science major, but it is turning up that this is mostly relevant if you want to become a vet, which isn't my case. What is the best major to go into for breeding animals? #majors #animals #agriculture #animal-science #breeding

2 answers

Jared’s Answer

Updated Palo Alto, California

"Animal Husbandry or Animal Science is the best major to pursue. Animal Science is general and would be easy to find multiple careers in since it includes all the basics." - This advice comes directly from Director Upperman at the American Angus Association.

Dillon’s Answer

Updated Ellensburg, Washington

Well here at the college I'm studying at,(Texas A&M) Animal science is a great option, but look into wildlife and fisheries major. I'm currently within it to become a zoo owner, but a lot of my colleagues are taking it to be ranch managers, however a lot of the courses are more geared towards conservation. Animal science is your best bet though. It does not mean you have to be a vet, its just that option has a high percentage of vets. There are multiple degree plans within each major that can tailor fit to your needs. Here's a link to the Animal Science Production Industry Degree Plan offered here. Look for something along the lines of "<insert college="" here=""> <insert major="" here=""> Degree plans" and it should pull up something.