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Hailey May 05, 2016 1160 views

Is volunteer work a good option to gain experience after majoring in environmental science?

I am curious as to what college graduates do after receiving a diploma in environmental science. Do they typically receive job offers, or do they need more experience in the field? I am especially interested in conservation and restoration. #science #environment #ecology #animal-conservation...

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie May 05, 2016 1150 views

Is aquarium life good for animals?

I am going to college in the fall for Marine Biology. I have always loved aquariums, but have also wondered if they are truly a good environment for the animals. #marine-biology #zookeeper

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Oct 17, 2014 1170 views

Thinking about Social Psychology

My dream is to work with and study the behavior of great apes such as; orangutans and gorillas. I will be mastering in primate behavior in 5-7 years. I am thinking about majoring in Social Psychology in the next 3 year. I am wondering if this is a smart destitution. #career-paths #professors...

Alejandra ’s Avatar
Alejandra Mar 17, 2014 1482 views

What schools can I look into for animal care services?

I'm interested in working with animals in the future and I wanted to know about where I could go or what I could look into for working with animals. Whether it is training, or nursing, or anything like that. #veterinarian #veterinary #animals #pets

K’s Avatar
K Oct 08, 2014 1251 views

What is the best major to go into if you want to become a breeder of swine or beef?

I am a high school senior and am applying to college with the thinking that I should have an animal science major, but it is turning up that this is mostly relevant if you want to become a vet, which isn't my case. What is the best major to go into for breeding animals? #majors #animals...