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Can cultural matching be a form of racism?

Updated New York, New York

In a Anthropology type class I took at my school, I learned that sometimes employers will find interest in a candidate if they share something with that employer-cultural matching. Since I go to a community college, I've always felt it doesn't look good on my resume because the stigmas behind community colleges. Whenever I've interviewed in a predominately [insert this race] field, I've always felt like I didn't get the job because of the way I look or because of my education background. In addition to this question- what are some good interview tips to get the job? #racism #interviews #interviewing-skills

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Scott’s Answer

Updated St. Louis, Missouri
The idea of fitting into a companies culture has been one of the biggest trend in the job search industry. I would hope that race is not playing a part in their decision making process. The idea of an interview it to change the conversation from interrogation to a conversation. Try to show them how you are a team player and hiring you would make a proper fit into the company. I also wouldn't worry about your education background. If the position requires a certain degree and you meet that criteria then you should be qualified. I would re-examine your interviewing technique. Study the company, develop good questions, and meet their needs. Study behavioral based interview questions. Think of your accomplishments in past jobs or school. Incorporate that into the discussion. Good Luck.