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Hollie C.’s Avatar
Hollie C. Aug 11, 2016 877 views

What are some pitfalls or things that I should be aware of/avoid during an interview session?

I am a fresh graduate and I don't have much interview experiences. I would like to know what are something that I should avoid saying/focused on, as well as what are some common pitfalls that I should be aware of in an interviews. Thanks! #interviews #interviewing-skills...


Deborah C.’s Avatar
Deborah C. Feb 11, 2017 832 views
Tasha M.’s Avatar
Tasha M. Sep 04, 2017 476 views

Can cultural matching be a form of racism?

In a Anthropology type class I took at my school, I learned that sometimes employers will find interest in a candidate if they share something with that employer-cultural matching. Since I go to a community college, I've always felt it doesn't look good on my resume because the stigmas behind...

#racism #interviews #interviewing-skills

Ariana M.’s Avatar
Ariana M. Apr 16, 2018 1048 views

Tips for candidates new to the interviewing process

What are some tips or pointers for people who are looking for their first jobs(s). How do I stand out while having no experience or professional qualifications? #interviews #interview #interviewing-skills #professionalism #new-hires...

herben L.’s Avatar
herben L. Mar 11, 2019 83 views

what does electrician pay weekly?

how they promoting people how they start...