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What can you do with an Applied Mathematics degree?

I love math, but I do not know what I want to do as a career. I have considered Applied Mathematics since from what I have heard, it can cover a range of careers. I want to do something with company work. #mathematics #business

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Hi Michael. I am an actuary - a professional who studies risk. I work for a large accounting firm. You may want to consider looking into actuarial science. As a career you do not necessarily need a specific undergraduate degree, but you do need to be very good at math. To become a professional, you do not need to attend graduate school. Instead you have to take and pass a series of very difficult mathematics, statistics, and investment related exams. Often you pass a few while in college and then get an entry level job as an actuarial student. Part of your job will be passing the exams. The rest of your job will be learning about the actuarial business. You can find out more at: http://beanactuary.org/ #beanactuary
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Applied math is a great foundation for many careers. Yes, companies routinely hire people with computer science, statistics, operations research and management science, engineering, business, public policy, economics, actuarial sciences, behavioral sciences, biological and social sciences backgrounds...the world is your oyster with that kind of interest and passion.
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A foundation in applied math can support various work profiles at companies. Here is an initial list to consider: https://www.siam.org/careers/thinking/jobtitles.php. Good luck!
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My daughter's fiance just graduated with an Applied Mathematics degree. He works as a Data Analyst working for a company running Risk Analysis reports. He worked part-time as an intern and was hired on full-time after graduation. Applied Mathematics is a great option for those who love math. Good luck in your endeavors and future career.

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