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I am interested in Architectural Engineering. I have been told that getting my Master's Degree will require 6 years of schooling - is this true? Or do I only need the standard 5 years?

I would like to earn my master's in Architectural Engineering, thus I need to know how many years of schooling I am required to take. Hopefully, money earned through scholarship programs will assist in paying for additional years of schooling.

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2 answers

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Sam’s Answer

Most Bachelor's programs will take you 5 years due to the way they are set up and the training you need. Most students pursuing an eventual Master's degree will end up spending six years in college. The way to offset some of the debt is to start saving early, take advantage of scholarship opportunities, pursue Dual Enrollment or Pre-College credit programs, and/or living at home while attending school.

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Andrew’s Answer

it depend how many unit would you able to load each semester and the availability of courses/instructors of each college. 4 - 5 years is a normal timeline. Consider your current situation: 1. do you have children? 2. Do you have to work to pay for school? 3. if you take it, how would the courses availability look like? 4. How hard are they?...