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To become a marketer do you have to relatively be good at public speaking?

I am trying to go into the marketing business but I am not the greatest public speaker. #business

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Hi, Kenza. Like everything public speaking is a skill that you learn and improve upon over time. In marketing, there may be times where you are called upon to present, explain and defend a campaign, to justify its launch or provide information on how successful it has been (metrics comes to mind). Organizations like Toast Masters help people overcome anxiety and lack of confidence with public speaking. From a practical viewpoint, in public you have to own the room, knowing your subject matter is crucial. Eventually having done it several times, you will become comfortable addressing a crowd and delivering a great talk or presentation.
Last updated Sep 29 '17 at 11:28 AM
Hi Kenza- public speaking is a great skill to have regardless of your career. It is a skill that you can improve upon over time and is definitely an area I continuously work on strengthening. Public speaking is much more than being able to give a presentation in front of a large group; it is something you do everyday. It is how you articulate your thoughts to others and you want to be able to do that as clearly as possible. If your school offers a public speaking course I would consider taking it, or see if there are any local workshops. Many times, employers will offer a workshop as well.
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