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How do you decide on which scholarships to apply for or how do you apply for financial aid?

Asked Minnesota Lake, Minnesota

I am trying to afford college next year and I need some advice. #scholarships #scholarship #financialaid

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Donné Michelle’s Answer

Updated Sacramento, California
Hi Amber! I have a teenager that is going through the same thing currently as she plans next year to go away to college. Scholarships are offered to students who meet certain requirements. For example, scholarships may be given to students who have strong academic or athletic skills, who are members of a specific ethnic group or whose parents work for a certain company. Scholarships given by colleges are the most common type of scholarships. Check out a college’s website, catalog and financial aid materials for information on the scholarships it offers. Awards can be offered on a university-wide basis or within a particular college or major. Your college may also automatically put your name in for its scholarships when you submit financial aid forms. Ask a financial aid officer if this is the case that can also assist with your FAFSA. Good Luck! #fafsa #scholarships