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What majors are necessary to pursue a career in automotive engineering?

I'm a junior and I want to look into designing engines and transmissions of a vehicle to make them more efficient. I'm not sure if mechanical, electrical or technical engineering are any more important than an another, or if there is something else I should look into. #engineer #automotive #mechanics

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Jay’s Answer

Khaleef; since you are interested in working on engines and transmissions it depends on what aspect of these products you are most interested in, would direct your focus engineering. Traditionally mechanical engineering would have been the focus for these products, but today more and more electronics are being used in the engine and transmissions to integrate the driveline (engine, transmission and axle) for maximum efficiency. Another big aspect of engine management is for the emissions and emissions treatment. In fact today the after treatment devices cost almost as much as the engine. Hope this helps

Thanks for taking the time to help me, this did help! I was thinking along the same line and how electronics were becoming more integrated into cars. Thanks for giving me some more advice. Khaleef M.

Thank you for the reinvigorating information. Hector A.

Thanks, Khaleef for asking this question. This was a very good question, I was wondering the same thing myself. Jimmy M.

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