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How much does the undergrad college you go to affect what medical school you get into?

I am a senior in high school and am getting ready to apply to undergrad. I want to be a surgeon and know that I will have to apply to medical school once I am done with undergrad. I want to go to a smaller college/less known college because they are less expensive but I do not know if they will look good enough to get into medical school. Should I worry about the prestige of my college? #surgeon #medicine school #premed #college #undergraduate #medicine-school

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2 answers

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Herman’s Answer

Hi Osiris,

I don't know the answer, but I have seen friends who went to lower tier undergraduate institutions get into medical schools, as well as people who went to higher tier schools. In your area, I am referring to UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and San Francisco State University. I know someone at each school, all 3 different tiers, who went to medical school.

Ultimately, I think what is more important are your grades, your internships and activities, MCAT score, and your essays/application.

Hope this helps.


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Richard’s Answer

There are plenty of good colleges and medical schools. In general if you are interested in research, you may want to look at the more elite private institutions, but if you are interested in clinical practice, a state university may offer the best value.

Some medical school admission committees favor Ivy league graduates, but it is more important to get good grades. A 4.0 gpa from a state university still carries a lot of weight.