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How long does it take to become a nurse? and what are the requirements?

because once i get done with school . I want to become a nurse
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Most places want an employee with a BSN. This is a 4 year program. You can do a 2 year program but you only get an associates degree, will have less experience, and likely a more difficult time finding employment. Some employment facilities will help you with continuing education. You also choose whether you go part time or full time for schooling, so that will factor in to how long your schooling is. You will do general education courses, need vaccines, a CPR certification, a stethoscope, etc. Whatever program you are looking at, contact their nursing program director and ask to arrange a meeting. You can discuss any questions you have. Remember it is worth it in the end, even if it seems to take a while. You can't rush knowledge and experience.
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