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How long does it take to become a nurse? and what are the requirements?

because once i get done with school . I want to become a nurse
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While I completely agree with Mary and Margie and thought to say what they say in their responses, I think you don't have to wait to find out if you're well suited for nursing. If you don't have the skills to land a Certified Nursing Assistant/Technician job, you can always work as a Volunteer at a local hospital or nursing home. This can allow you to talk to nurse managers, HR recuiters, nurses, and patients and find out more about what nursing really entails and what characteristics are required above an beyond reasoning and intelligence, it also endears you to hospital staff and recruiters and makes the connections that make it easier to get a job later while looking great on a college resume. There is a large amount of stress and responsibility that can make the job unsuitable for those who are not innately built for it. It's wonderful when you find the right specialty that you're well suited for but can be overwhelming and frustrating when you're stuck in the wrong one and trying to get out of it. Sometimes the work culture, the team you're working in, working conditions, wages, time/overtime, and your environment can also have huge effects on your satisfaction and work-life balance. If caring is your innate talent and skill it will come easy to you. I would strongly recommend that you take as many high-level science and math classes as you can in college including, chemistry/organic Chem, biochem, pharmacology, anatomy & physiology, calculus, algebra, pre-calculus, etc. Take as many as possible at the AP level if possible. You also will really need to be able to to read and write with comprehension and mastery. Loving science and at least understanding math are essential to the job. I would go get a study manual for the HESI-RN & NCLEX-RN and start using them now!

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It is all about your goal and how much time you have to achieve it. You can get an AAS in Nursing in 2 years, or a BSN in 4 years. You will need to take the NCLEX and pass it in order to be licensed by the Board of Nursing before you can start practicing. The sooner you take your NCLEX after graduation, the better chance you have of passing.

You can either take classes online or attend on campus classes. Either or, you will need to make time one day a week to go to your clinical location(a hospital or a nursing home) once you start taking real nursing classes.

This professional recommends the following next steps:

  • I would suggest you find out whether you can go to a campus or study online. Then find a college in your area that's best for you. Go meet with one of their admission specialist to discuss documents that are needed to sign up, financial aid or loans, course grade requirement, entrance exam, number of credits required to graduate, etc.
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To add on to what Mary stated something to consider is to become a CNA then you can see if nursing fits what you think you may want in à carreer. Nursing is a wonderful profession good luck with your pursuit!
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Most places want an employee with a BSN. This is a 4 year program. You can do a 2 year program but you only get an associates degree, will have less experience, and likely a more difficult time finding employment. Some employment facilities will help you with continuing education. You also choose whether you go part time or full time for schooling, so that will factor in to how long your schooling is. You will do general education courses, need vaccines, a CPR certification, a stethoscope, etc. Whatever program you are looking at, contact their nursing program director and ask to arrange a meeting. You can discuss any questions you have. Remember it is worth it in the end, even if it seems to take a while. You can't rush knowledge and experience.
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