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Is keeping up with work difficult???

i want to know so I can be ready for whatever work I get
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Hello Francisco: In my experience, keeping up with the work assigned to me has not been difficult. As a career counselor, I would receive assignments while working on others. I used calendars to record my personal deadline, which tended to be a week before my boss asked for them. Reasonable bosses understand how long work takes and most tend to be fair with due dates. My goal is to get it to them early so they never have to wait. I also completed smaller tasks immediately to break up the longer ones and to get them out of the way so they're not forgotten. Finally, I create a check list of all assignments and definitely use any and all free time to work and get ahead ( no Facebook, Instagram or gamming---not allowed in office settings anyway). Also, no personal calls unless emergencies. So short answer, 8 hours a day will allow you to accomplish much if well spent. Best wishes!

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Work is similar to many aspects of life. If you truly enjoy something and are very good at it, you seldom have a difficult time with it. Start with good habits in school. Apply strong self-discipline and pursue areas that play to your strengths. Life in general can be difficult, but with enough persistence you will be successful. Best of luck, Gerard
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There's definitely a lot of work in law school! Our rule of thumb was 50 pages of reading, per hour of class, per day. Then you have to understand what you read, and learn about the legal concepts, and how to apply them. There's a lot of outside thinking and discussing that goes on as well. If you have not already developed good time management skills and study habits, I highly recommend doing so, as it will contribute to your success in law school, as will mastering the materials. Good luck!
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There is nothing that cannot be established through good study habits and hard work. The work is difficult and there is a lot to read as Jenna said, but you find what works for you. It get easier and it is doable. Start creating good habits now!
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